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10 февраля 2015 по приглашению от @saul

О себе

We offer cost-effective 3D scanning solutions for e-commerce and 3D printing.

We have developed two types of solutions – instant capturing with multiple 3D cameras (U.S. Patent Pending) and 3D scanning for devices with one 3D camera like Ultrabooks with Intel RealSense 3D Camera.

The instant capturing solution is the best fit for professional business purposes, when someone needs to capture a large amount of objects or the scanning speed is a matter of priority.

The solution for Intel RealSense devices is an affordable software for everyone who have bought the new Ultrabooks with amazing technology from Intel and want to 3D Scan and 3D Print objects.

We are launching a series of our software products this year beginning with Cappasity Easy 3D Scan, which is developed specially for Ultrabooks with built-in Intel RealSense 3D cameras. Cappasity Human 3D Scan, an instant capturing solution for full body scanning, will be released shortly afterwards.

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