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Invitation from OnLive Beta Team

Именно с таким заголовком мне в почту свалилось письмо, а вот собственно и текст письма.

Если кратко:
Начался бета-тест для пользователей Windows живущих в США. Для остальных тест возможно будет позже.

Thank you for registering for the OnLive® Beta program! We’re continuing to increase the number of new participants in the program, and we'd like to consider you for one of these slots.

At this time, we’re requesting feedback from U.S. residents over 18 with PC’s running Windows (Vista, XP or Windows 7). If you meet these criteria, we’ll need to run about a 3-minute performance test on your computer to see whether you are a fit for the current stage of OnLive Beta. If not, you may be a fit later on, and if so, we’ll certainly let you know.

What We'd Like You to Do

* Step 1 | Save this email. You'll need it later for reference.
* Step 2 | Run the OnLive Performance Test BETWEEN 4PM AND 9PM WITHIN THE NEXT WEEK. Please run the test on a few different days so we understand how your Internet connection changes throughout the week.
* Step 3 | Pat yourself on the back for helping us out!

We've created a special link to the Performance Test JUST FOR YOU. Bookmark this link, but please don't share it with anyone else or you'll be removed from consideration for the Beta program.

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