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  • Habred

19 June 2012


6 September 2012 by invitation from UFO


The webRunes team has a 10+ year experience in such spheres like technical and web design, programming and data security, payment systems and some other related spheres.
We have started working on the project in September 2010. Our goal is to develop a unique platform that will serve as a basis for different projects that help people in various areas of life from the childhood to the old age: education, healthcare, sport, law and etc.
We are against growing trends for Internet censorship and information access restriction, so our data bases will contain only uncopyrighted data, and anyone will be able to download and use DB damps created on the basis of a principle that separates the form and the content, i.e. you can easily use them in your own projects. Eventually we plan to decentralize the project and move its mirror to I2P. The project is based on the semantics, one of essential elements of the so called Semantic Web, which is referred to as Web 3.0 by some people.

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