Viral Trends is the new media startup focused on fast-growing Russian market. Viral Trends providing SAAS solution for social media content analysis. Today, in social media there are millions of voices related to thousands of brands all together mixed up in hundreds of channels. Just imagine you’re a business trying to find out what customers really think about your product or service?
And what if today there are approximately 5 000 blog posts and thousands more tweets somehow related to you?
Who are those guys? What are their social and demographic characteristics? What do they like or dislike?
How could you measure, compare and analyze all this data? How could you reveal hidden trends, useful for your future plans and decisions?
This bunch of opinions is absolutely useless for business without proper social media measurement and advanced content analysis solution. Advanced analysis options is our main competitive advantage. Viral Trends includes quantity, quality and advanced semantics analysis algorithms based on latest research in linguistics, semantics, chaos theory and math.
No need for complex skills in data mining, statistics, linguistics or any other specific area. Just plug in, get the realtime-based result and then act well-grounded. We provide at glance marketing research solution right for the new digital era where customer sets the rule, not the producer. Our platform tracks people and their opinions in real time using data mining technology. Our mechanics cover all critical new media platforms: blogs, social networks, microblogging, RSS feeds, video portals, photo streams and other web 2.0 resources.
We give business and government an opportunity to listen to millions of people in real time and react to their needs instantly. We aim to help authorities to understand modern society and take a turn for the better.
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