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10 July 2019


Math Calculators stepcalculator.com/math
Dear students, your presence on this page indicates only one thing — you were advised to download a mathematical calculator. Perhaps friends, and maybe stumbled on the Internet on the link and went. It does not matter!
In any case, I’m happy to congratulate you and offer you a mathematical calculator that solves the main tasks of the Higher Mathematics course that can be programmed. «Solves» — I said this modestly, because there are a lot of calculators that solve mathematical problems. Some decide online, others can be downloaded and used locally. The disadvantages of most of them are the lack of intermediate information that precedes the decision.
Integral Calculator at stepcalculator.com/integral-calculator.html
Limit calculator stepcalculator.com/limit-calculator.html online
Its peculiarity among others is that, in addition to the final result, it has one more useful function:
Saves and publishes all the operations that he has to perform in order to achieve a result!!!
This is exactly what is important in student practice. For some, it will be useful to learn how to quickly solve problems, others to check the results obtained independently.
GPA Calculator stepcalculator.com/gpa-calculator.html
Words to Pages Converter stepcalculator.com/wordstopages.html
There is a request to you. Students who are fluent in foreign languages ​​are requested to assist in translating the language pack into new languages. Now available Ukrainian, Russian languages. Other languages ​​will be available at your initiative. Also send methods for solving and programming new problems. We will try to add them in new versions of the calculator.