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7 June 2012 by invitation from UFO


I’ve started programming when I was fourteen years old, and since then, software development is my passion. I’ve started with C and C++, learned Assembly language, then switched to web site development using PHP and MySQL.

During my studies at the university, I had a full-time job at an outsourcing company where I was creating a could-based solution using C#, JavaScript and SQL Server. After getting my Master’s Degree in Computer Science, I’ve joined a Dutch startup where I was responsible for the core architecture of the product and leading a software development team.

After more than ten years of professional software development, finishing many pet-projects and having few part-time freelance jobs I’ve decided to start helping people on a larger scale. That is why I co-founded Divbyte!

Now, I am focusing on helping companies build their products, design software architecture, create and manage remote teams. In this way, I can combine my passion for software development and ability to solve complex problems.

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