Марат Якупов @ZeroToOneSearch

Директор рекрутингового агентства

  • Habred

13 March 2019


14 March 2019 by invitation from UFO


Директор рекрутингового агентства Zero to One Search.

Zero to One Search — международное рекрутинговое агентство с головным офисом в Германии, Бонн.

Мы специализируемся на рекрутинге IT специалистов на долгосрочные контракты с переездом в Европу. Работаем удаленно и ищем кандидатов по всему миру.

Zero to One Search is a Germany-based international recruitment agency with a focus on connecting IT professionals with tech companies. Our mission is to help tech players to find candidates in accordance with their businesses' needs, and IT specialists to get the right jobs with interesting challenges and opportunity to relocate to Europe. The company was established in 2017 as a remote agency with a team of recruiters from all over the world. We speak 7+ languages and will be happy to help with your next career move in Europe!

✅ Jobs

We focus on the candidates working in the following domains:
— PHP and GO Development
— Java Development
— Javascript and Frontend Development
— Ruby development
— DevOps engineers
— Architects
— Network and Server Engineers
— And many others — jobs.zerotoonesearch.com/careers