November 23 2009

Erlang User Conference 2009 in Stockholm, Sweden

12 ноября 2009 года состоялась 15 Международная Конференция разработчиков Erlang.
Место проведения — «Астория», Nybrogatan 15, 114 39 Стокгольм (Швеция).
Вашему вниманию хотелось бы представить фото и презентации.

Erlang User Conference 2009 in Stockholm

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Далее под хабракат-ом представлены список выступлений и ссылки на презентации.

* A Cloud as an InterfaceMichael Truog(Nokia)

* A continuous build system for Erlang — Eric Merritt(

* Anonymity in ErlangGuy Wiener, Mayer Goldberg

* BERT is to Erlang as JSON is to JavaScript (plus a mini Git tutorial!) — Tom Preston-Werner(Github), Scott Chacon(Logical Awesome)

* Discodex: intuitive data indexingJared Flatow (Nokia Research Center), Ville Tuulos (Nokia)

* Erlang SMP support — behind the scenesPatrik Nyblom (Ericsson AB)

* Erlang's Journey to the CloudsUlf Wiger (Erlang Training and Consulting Ltd)

* Hacking Erlang through preprocessingJacob Vorreuter (Electronic Arts)

* Improving your test code with WranglerHuiqing Li (University of Kent), Simon Thompson (University of Kent)

* Latest news from the Erlang/OTP team at EricssonKenneth Lundin (Ericsson AB)

* Nitrogen and Riak By ExampleRusty Klophaus (Basho Technologies)

* Opaque Data Types in Erlang — Kostis Sagonas (National Technical University of Athens, Greece)

* Putting UBF to work (and Getting the outside world to talk to Erlang)Joseph Wayne Norton (Gemini Mobile Technologies, Inc.), Scott Lystig Fritchie (Gemini Mobile Technologies)

* Tokyo Cabinet and CouchDB with MnesiaRickard Cardell (Klarna AB)
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