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14 Successful Ways to Use Live Video Streaming for Business in 2020

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Live streaming is engaging precisely because it is so easy to access. All one needs to tune in is a screen, an internet connection and access to streaming sites. Today, business live streaming has been incorporated into media-heavy platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. However, the best way to live stream, and how to use live streams for business, depend on your product and business goals.


New to the live streaming game? It’s a great time to test the waters and figure out how to live stream a business, now that a majority of the population is more hooked to their social media platforms than ever before. Here are the best ways to live stream a business that are also engaging, informative and business-goal-oriented.

1.Live Stream Big Events

If you’re hosting a massive event in a city of your choice, you can extend the reach beyond the venue’s four walls through a live stream. Live streaming for business allows people from all over the world to get in on the fun without actively having to attend. Streaming events live make your audience feel much more connected and catered to. If it’s a big-ticket event, you might consider issuing e-tickets to the stream and protecting it with a password.

2.Showcase Product Creations

Providing customers with a glimpse of your production processes via a live stream has many benefits. For one, they’re being allowed to view the entire process live, without doctoring or scripted videos. This increases their belief in your authenticity, which may well translate into customer loyalty. Using live streaming video for business in this manner also improves the transparency of operations, which is a definite boon for stakeholders from auditors to consumers.

3.Carry Out Interviews

Interviews bring subject matter experts to the audience quite effectively. Live streaming interviews make their knowledge accessible to virtually anyone interested. This method of live videos for business is also a good way to tap into your client or employee base and highlight positive testimonials.

4.Conduct Webinars

Live streams can also be used to conduct seminars, talks and courses to increase knowledge. The business could do this either by bringing in experts or leveraging in-house talent. Engaging with the audience in such a manner helps to establish the business and speaker as thought leaders, which goes a long way in brand recall.

5.Create Customer Talk Shows

Most live video for business platforms allow viewers to ask questions and enter comments, which can be answered live by the speaker. Quite like a Q&A session, albeit via the internet, live streaming interviews adds a personal touch to the brand image. If the speaker is someone from within the company, it’s a sign that customers are welcome to hold them accountable, which increases trust and loyalty.

6.Broadcast Company Announcements

Industry titans such as Apple conduct launch events for new products; smaller businesses can walk the same trail, albeit digitally, as it reduces the budget yet makes an impact. It also adds a human touch to the whole process, allowing the speaker to emphasise on how the product solves needs without being restricted to a word or character count.

7.Create Customer Expectations

For businesses undergoing a change or starting from scratch, live looks into a new space or future products help to set expectations. A business streaming video feeds live is also a clever way to control the narrative, ensuring that the brand is positioned just the way the business wants before products even hit the market.

8.Behind-the-Scenes Previews

Sneak peeks into a new product or service is an effective way to grab people’s attention. Offering behind-the-scenes previews through live streams allow customers to see all that goes into the final product. It also makes them feel a lot more connected to the brand than they would be if they were only picking products off the shelves.

9.Offer Customer Services

Using live streams to troubleshoot common problems is much more personalised than having FAQs on the website. This is because viewers will also get to interact with the speaker and ask questions. Live streams also allow the troubleshooter to solve many problems at once, instead of having to deal with individual customer emails or calls.

10.Conduct Event Sessions

Completely digital event sessions make businesses accessible across borders. Conducting live-streamed events increase a business’ customer base and boost customer engagement. These events may be directly related to the brand (like talk shows) or one created simply to engage with customers over common likings (like music playlists and shows).

11.Give Life to Your Brand

Use live streams to humanise businesses with important assets– employees. Telling employee tales, showing off the office and encouraging CEOs to let their hair down makes the brand more personable and accessible to consumers.

12.Get Feedback from the Crowd

Live-streaming videos can help collect feedback from a wider audience. Businesses can respond to feedback in real-time to assure viewers of action, or use social media to collect questions to be answered during a live stream.

13.Bring in an Influencer

Allowing influencers to live stream from your business account functions as an endorsement and broadens your reach significantly. Influencers will encourage their followers to interact too, making them more likely to remember your business even after the live stream.

14.Conduct a Critique

Viewers can submit their ideas and thoughts to a panel, whose opinion on the ideas can be shared through a live stream. This actionable advice helps to showcase thought leadership and field expertise. It also scopes out the audience for top talent and potential recruits.

Best Live Video Streaming Providers for Businesses in the Global Market

Vplayed — An Enterprise Live Streaming Solution

Vplayed is a fully customized live streaming solution that concentrates on providing
top notch video streaming platform for business. It helps enterprises to broadcast
their live video contents with HTML5/ HLS player that deliver buffer-free videos over web,
mobile devices and other platforms.

High point Features of Vplayed:

  • 100% Customizable Platform
  • Live to VOD
  • Integrate Communication
  • Multi Device Player
  • Multiple Monetization Models
  • Access Control and Security

Kaltura — Streaming Video Services

Kaltura provides Live Streaming platforms to organize Events in an easy manner.
It helps businesses to target a wider audience by live streaming their events.
Broadcaster can record the ongoing events and telecasted later as on-demand video
using this platform.

High Point Features of Kaltura:

  • Live Video Recording
  • Live Stream to Social
  • Custom Branding
  • Multi-screen Support
  • Server Side Ad Insertion
  • Analytics & Monitoring

Contus Vplay — Live Video Streaming Solutions

Contus Vplay provides comprehensive live streaming and online video hosting services.
It helps in broadcasting secure video streams at scale. It live stream Events, Conferences,
Lectures etc., In high-video quality with no buffering. Their platform offers enhanced dashboard
through which overall track of events and participants can be established.

High Point Features of Contus Vplay:

  • Whitelabel Platform
  • HTML5 Video Player
  • Enterprise CDN
  • Adaptive Streaming
  • Cloud Transcoding
  • Real-time Analytics

The Final Word

There are plenty of live streaming options for businesses as mentioned above, whereas companies should choose the one that best matches their requirements and product. Businesses can choose to live stream via social networks such as Facebook and Instagram or can use highly scalable platforms for a personalised experience to engage with your audiences.
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