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Thank you for your advice on slippers.
For a week now I have been tormented by the problem of feeling bad after working hours end.
The problem is that, due to the specifics of the work, I can not take breaks longer than 5 minutes every few hours. It is exhausting.

I've nether been in situations like that. Ages ago, I used to track my activity for each 15min. However, I was ok to do some activities i.e pull UPs

It's trouble when between your working place and fridge are only a few meters. Always is the inner urge to have some snacks. I think I should take your advice and make a kitchen scale my best friend. Stay safe you all.

Frankly the scale is not the solution, it's only the tool. If you want to control, then the only one thing you need is change your habits. unfortunately, it's not a picnic. It requires immense amount of patience & continual tracking of incoming food.

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