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8. Current version???

Если статье 2 года, то может в ней большая часть информации устарела?
This is probably the worst article I've read in a long time.
Too many mistakes and poorly written.

3. PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Usability

Winner– Ruby-on-Rails (RoR)

Ruby on Rails is a framework. You should compare it with other frameworks like Symphony or Django.
Also how exactly you measure usability?

4. PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Learning Curve


This extremely subjective. How it was measured?

7. PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Job Posting & Salary

Winner- PHP

PHP has the worst job postings/job seekers ratio.
How it could be a winner?

8. Other Information

This is outdated.
Last versions of
PHP is 7.4.1 / 17 December 2019
Python is 3.8.1 / 18 December 2019
Ruby is 2.7.0 / 25 December 2019

9. PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Pros & Cons

This is just a bunch of random statements.
Some of them are questionable.

Advantage — clean and easy syntax that allows a new developer to learn Ruby very quickly
Disadvantage — learning it can be difficult.
Don't you see a contradiction here?

Pros and Cons tables aren't actually comparing these languages.

A lot of statements applicable for all languages.
For example:
PHP — free, Ruby — open sourced. They all FOSS.
Python — object oriented. They all support OOP.
Ruby — it has debugger & flexible syntax. They all have.

And many more.

I'm not writing on any of these languages and don't have any preferences.
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