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UFO landed and left these words here
I never thought about VSCode extension for this thanks! Will think about it.
For the generation of swagger endpoint definition based on a function signature — it's not that easy. I wanted to to this in the beginning but then ended up with the existing solution. So now instead of getting SwaggerEndpointDefinition from signature (which should be edited to allow some additional information like shape of the body object, parameters in URL or query, etc etc etc) this definition is done manually in JSON and then your method signature looks almost like in GraphQL: list of arguments coming from any source (body, url, query) and a context (for auth flow) and a request (not implemented yet, will be implemented in future as I need it now for my projects)

Tree-based API navigator — cool idea as well. Will think about VSCode extension fo this, thanks :)
UFO landed and left these words here
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