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20 November

How Artificial Intelligence is Helpful to the World

From chatbots to Driverless cars, Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the way we work and live, yes AI started changing the world.
Google CEO says 'AI is more important to humanity than fire, electricity'

It is set to bring a huge revolution in the business world. There are multiple areas where it has proven its importance in recent times. These include creating incredible user experiences in E-commerce, Imparting better services at relatively lower costs, optimizing the customer searches and recommendations and generation of sales through wearable technology.

Let us have a look at these applications in details:

AI to create better user experiences in e-Commerce

One of the trending and most used word E-Commerce, Every business owner started building an E-commerce app and website for their business. Market-leading brands including Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and Snapdeal have already adopted AI to engage their customers with more reliable and better e-commerce experience, by knowing their interests and preferences and other essential details such as their gender, age-group, education-level and income-group and so on. This has helped them in a big way to push the products of their liking more meaningfully and with a detailed targeted approach. This has produced approximately 40% sales increase using up-selling and cross-selling of products.
Let’s assume if you stand in front of a mirror, and the mirror captures a picture of yours. Based on your physical appearance, detects your age-group, gender, and your preferred style to suggest clothes in the mirror screen by showing how it would look on you. You know something this is how E-commerce apps going to work in the future. Hope you know how LensKart works, it is also making use of AI & Virtual Reality in eCommerce to serve their customers with advanced and enhanced user experiences.

AI to Provide Better Services at Low Cost

Chatbots are the best example of AI implemented in a vast majority of businesses across industries and it improves the businesses by immensely saving on the customer service costs by speeding up the response times, effectively answering up to 70% of the routine and frequently asked questions, setting the customer service agents free to perform more creatively challenging work that essentially requires human intelligence with all this, leading to the cost reductions up to 30% along with imparting a more customer-centric approach and image to the organisation.

AI to Optimize Customer Searches and Recommendations

If a customer is looking for some specific information or recommendations online, rather than resorting to the old-fashioned search-boxes, the new way to do it effectively is to use AI to help them find precisely what they are looking for in a much more natural way. Go Find, for example, encourages its users to take a picture of what they are searching for and based on this picture, it returns results that match the picture along with the details on price-range and the list of online stores to check its availability on. Amazon’s Echo Look, on the other hand, uses a camera combined with artificial intelligence to act as your assistant offering recommendations on, for example, which look suits you the best.

What happens if your wireframes automatically converted into HTML code using AI?

Your handwritten wireframes can now generate HTML code using AI. Want to know how?
Using the application – > Take a picture – > Machine will process the data with the help of AI -> Detect the right component -> Result (HTML code)

Which language is best for Artificial Intelligence?

Python is considered to be in the first place in the list of all AI development languages, all thanks to its simplicity.

For enterprises, Artificial Intelligence is proving to be no less than a boon!

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