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4 September

How To Install The Latest SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

Hello Folks, In this chapter, we will explain to you the Step by step method to install SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).


This study demonstrates how to install & Configure the latest SQL Server Management Studio in a step by step procedure. The popular version of SSMS is 18.0.

Installation Steps

Step 1

First of all, you need to download the latest version of the SQL Server Management Studio. Download the software from trusted websites.

Step 2

For downloading the software, click “SSMS-Setup-ENU.exe” swiftly a window will be open, click save button for saving the latest SQL Server Management Studio exe file and download will begin.

Step 3

check your downloaded files and you will see the .exe file. Just Double click the exe to start the installation.

Step 5

While Installing the system will ask the authority and permissions: “Do you want to allow the following to make a change this computer?”. Just click yes to proceed to install the latest SQL Server Management Studio.

Step 6

After granting permission to install, the installation window will be open.
The install will be started once you click the «install» Key. Simultaneously system will show you the “Loading Packages Please Wait”

Step 7

Hope you will see two sections. One is the package progress loading bar and another one is the overall progress loading bar. Just check out the screenshot if you have any queries.

Step 8

Hope the Installation completed. Once you complete the installation, you can see the Messagebox with a successful message. Just check out the screenshot.
Now Simply close the window and Restart your computer.

Step 9

Simply Go to all programs in your computer, you can see two folders one is «Microsoft SQL Server 2017» and another one is «Microsoft SQL Server Tool 2017».
Hope you can see the «Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 17» under the «Microsoft SQL Server Tools». Check out the screenshot.

Step 10

Just Double-click the «SQL Server Management Studio». Now you can see the loading bar.
Note: For the First time it will take some time to open. so be patient until it loaded fully.

After the successful installation, Hope you can see the «Connect to server» Box. ( check out the screenshot )

Now we can simply connect to the server and use the latest SQL Server Management Studio.


This article demonstrated how to download and install the «SQL Server Management Studio 2017» step by step. I hope it's essential for beginners.

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