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September 2

What should a fitness app have?

Creating a fitness app would be an excellent choice for people who are exceptionally expert in the field. In this article, we are going to describe some of the essential features you should have a look upon while creating a fitness app. And there are many fitness apps available across the Google Play Store & App Store. Each application has its features based on the pricing. However, what if there aren't such features in an application, which you are in search of? Though, I will be discussing some of the crucial features to have in a fitness application and some others which will make your application stand unique when it comes to overviewing number of features.


Essential features of a fitness app

Personalized Diet plans

The fitness coaching application is more like a personal trainer. Customized diet plans are the most essential feature you should include in your application.
The personalized diet plans can be managed based on the body requirements. It will also provide an option to select the ingredients based on the recipe they want to eat.

Steps Tracking

This is a must-have feature if you want to create an app for tracking your workouts. You can also checkout your total steps walked in an entire day & it also shows the number of calorie burn during walking or running. Thus, it can be a unique feature from other apps which doesn't have this feature.


Whenever there is a target to achieve, you will push your limits further. What if you can earn rewards and points by just completing daily targets/tasks?

This game will consist of some task which should be completed in a given time. If you fail to finish the task, certain penalties will be asserted in monetary form or could be 250 burpees.

Push Notifications

The one who is working out daily would never like to miss out a single session. However, with the busy routines, the sessions might slip from your mind. In these cases, a push notification can be very helpful in reminding you about the workout session. This is the reason why many Fitness app development companies are investing & focusing more on the notification system. Make sure you don't add too much of Push notification, it can annoy your users.

Multi-Device Synchronization

With this feature, you can simultaneously connect different devices to your fitness app. This feature will get the acknowledgement of the users who are more likely to workout by synchronizing their devices.

Enable to keep a record of your daily activities

It will allow users to add different physical activities, that can be executed outside the home by users. The mobile app also records your calorie intake and will provide you with details about the total calorie burn.


It is effective for those users who avoid escalators and climbs stairs instead. It also measures the change in height(altitude). This feature is also convenient for the users who are more into jogging & running, for measuring the efforts made and determines the final result.

Are you still confused? Or have a new idea? Discuss with our app developers who are highly professional in building the best Fitness application for you and can change your idea into a reality.

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