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Top 5 mobile app development companies in the UK

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According to Evans Data Corporation, there are 12 million developers in the world. About 350,000 of these software and mobile developers work and live in the UK including freelancers and IT employees.

How do you choose the best one among all this variety? The obvious answer — get going with a professional IT company. This will increase your chances to work with true professionals.

I’ve made my own research based on a variety of reliable resources like Google SERPs and user’s reviews, different independent media, including medium.com and aggregators, like businessofapps.com, Clutch, etc. and other independent sites. Based on the collected data, I’ve aggregated the total score for each of the 25 leaders, and here I represent a list of the winners: the top 5 software developers in the UK.

Best developers in London, UK

1. Droids on Roids
This IT company creates solutions aimed at helping businesses grow in a natural and progressive way.

To develop advanced mobile apps, Droid on Roids apply traditional methods of quantitative and qualitative research with agility and innovation. They take into consideration your business model to create an app that best corresponds with your clients’ needs.

They were honoured in the Forbes Diamonds 2018 list.

Service focus: mobile apps, web apps.

Minimal project size: $10.000
Hourly rate: $50-99
Number of employees: 10-50
Geographics: London, UK
Google reviews: 5,0
Clutch rating: 4,9

2. Magora Systems
Magora is a company internationally recognised for its software excellence. It has a team of proven professionals that specialise in different fields of IT sciences. Together they produce different kinds of digital products, but before all cutting-edge mobile apps with advanced functionality and stunning designs.

This company values a business-oriented approach and is always looking for solutions that can best help to promote the client’s business.

Service focus: mobile development, web development, tailor-made software.

Minimal project size: $10.000
Hourly rate: $50-99
Number of employees: 50-249
Geographics: London, UK
Google reviews: 5,0
Clutch rating: 4,8

3. Netguru
Having developed more than 900 successful apps, Netguru has established itself as one of the leaders of the international mobile app development market.

This IT agency sets development standards in the most challenging fields like blockchain programming, IoT and cloud computing.

Their secret of success lays in combining outstanding creativity with years of experience. Some of the apps published to the Apple AppStore and Google Play had more than 1 million downloads and generated to their owners thousands of dollars.

Service focus: mobile app development, product design, web development.

Minimal project size: $10.000
Hourly rate: $25-49
Number of employees: 250-999
Geographics: London, UK
Google reviews: 4,9
Clutch rating: 4,9

4. Fueled
An award-winning company with the headquarters in London, UK has proved their proficiency in making and promoting mobile apps for businesses.

They provide a full spectrum of services — from discovery, design and development stages to branding, promotion and post-launch support. Fueled knows everything about great UX/UI. The diverse skillset of their developers makes it possible to organise team matching the special requirements of every client.

Service focus: mobile app development, web development, custom software

Minimal project size: $75.000
Hourly rate: $150-199
Number of employees: 50-249
Geographics: London, UK
Google reviews: 4.2
Clutch rating: 4,8

5. iTechArt Group
This company is ready to help your enterprise solve complicated business tasks with its cutting-edge mobile software. They develop apps for iOS, Android and are ready to provide you with a cross-platform solution.

They deliver custom mobile and web app development of any complexity. The company works with the most revolutionary technologies like AI and AR/VR specifically concentrating on the usability of their products.

Service focus: mobile app development, web development, QA and testing.

Minimal project size: $25.000
Hourly rate: $50-99
Number of employees: 1000-9999
Geographics: London, UK
Google reviews: 4,6
Clutch rating: 4,8

These are the best companies based on the quality of their service and client feedback.

Tip: when choosing a developer on an online marketplace pay attention to companies that are at the top based on customer review or the official rankings.
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