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First of all — nice work!

There is also another package for MessageBox — StarDebris.Avalonia.MessageBox:


Although this one is a bit outdated. I thought to use it in my personal project but after all I've rejected to go this way and wrote code that fitted my requirement by myself.

If you don't mind I ask some questions:

  1. Why have you avoided of using xaml?
  2. Why is repo on gitlab? (Github is much, much more popular)
  3. Somewhere code is really looks odd, for example:

var messageBox = CreateWindow(title, text, buttons, windowSize, bitmap);
var tcs = new TaskCompletionSource<MessageBoxResult>();
messageBox.Title = title;
messageBox.WindowStartupLocation = WindowStartupLocation.CenterScreen;
messageBox.Closed += delegate { tcs.TrySetResult(messageBox.Res); };

definitely not cleanest API.
You pass title to the CreateWindow but ignore this parameter at all there. And so on.

1) about xaml, it was my research and i never create nuget package before. Now I wanna (in proccees) rebuild (redisine) all with using styles, xaml, and users controls
2) I start working with gitlab, because some years ago githab has no private repos, okey mb i move here
3) about api, ty, i'll improve article
1) about xaml, it was my research and i never create nuget package before.

To be honest I don't see how it's related. Good luck, anyway.
Although if you interested in additional research I suggest you try to implement it with F#.

It seems to me that the Windows Message box contains excess buttons minimize and maximize. Is it possible to get rid of them?

I think only in future updates, couse i can't do it by avalonia and need to call win api, as real it's strange: in Linux i haven't max button, but in win that's one
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