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• Mobile radiation dosimeter for monitoring of total radiation on-board of civilian aircraft.
by Olga Sharts, Vladimir Elin, Michael Merkin
Abstract: This paper describes a novel radiation dosimeter technology “DO-RA” and its uses in commercial flights as “DO-RA.AVIA” semiconductor module incorporated into smartphones and other electronic devices. We discuss issues of radiation exposure during flights including possible health risks and provide an example of experimental data regarding radiation exposure during particular flight, taken recently during 2-hour flights within Russia and in France, which can open reader’s eyes to the potential impact of ionizing radiation that occurs during the air flights. The article describes "DO-RA" radiation measurement technology features and functions, demonstrates uses of "DO-RA.AVIA" radiation measurement module for use in-flight of commercial aircraft. The article suggests more features and uses of "DO-RA" technology for drug-discovery, in-house use, outdoor applications, surveillance and as an automobiles' gadget.

Keywords: radiation semiconductor dosimeter; radiation safety; ionizing radiation; in-flight radiation dose; space radiation; “DO-RA" technology; “DO-RA.AVIA” module; effective dose; total radiation.
DOI: 10.1504/IJNSS.2019.10020602

DO-RA is just your gadget — an indicator of ionizing radiation, your 7th sense in the world of radiation! If you don’t care, this does not mean that even if it is rare in life, a nuclear incident will pass you by!

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