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April 23

Top game development companies in the world

The game industry is growing, especially among small, independent development companies. If you're looking for a game development company, let's take a glimpse at some top game development companies ranked, basing the list on games, as well as the number of existing players and uniqueness.


VironIT is a video game development company that uses a well-balanced set of technology skills to build incredible game experiences.

VironIT game development team delivers authentic gaming experiences and services across PC, mobile, console, VR and AR platforms. It also offers state-of-the-art game development, using specific gaming engines like Unity and Unreal Engine. Also, they have created a game cost calculator.
The company uses the broad experience to ensure that clients have the best technical solutions to solve their business challenges and deliver value for their organization.

  • Services: Mobile, web, and desktop applications. Blockchain, VR/AR, game development.
  • Company size: 100–250 employees;
  • Year founded: 2004;
  • Hourly rate: $25 - $49;
  • Min. project size: $5,000;
  • Headquarters: 11 Kul'man St., Minsk, Belarus
  • Contacts: +375 44 585 29 71, +1 877 797 0390, +44 203 695 2272;
  • E-mail:,;
  • Website


Playgendary is a young and rapidly developing European company, specializing exclusively in the development of mobile games which have gained incredible renown all over the world.

Its team works in two directions developing games and entertainment apps based on the cutting-edge technologies and gamification elements. It uses Unity and Swift to work out own projects in machine learning, neural networks, and cloud service areas.

  • Services: mobile games, games, VR, AR, and machine learning.
  • Company size: 100–250 employees;
  • Headquarters: Landshuterallee 8–10 80637 Munich, Germany
  • Contacts: +49 (0) 151 43 4096 64
  • E-mail:
  • Website


HeroCraft is a Russian video game developer and publisher headquartered in Kaliningrad and with offices in Saint Petersburg, Krasnodar, Donetsk, and Novokuznetsk.

HeroCraft develops for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices as well as for Microsoft Windows and social networks and supports a variety of legacy platforms. Distribution takes place worldwide in 15 languages. HeroCraft has «Top developer» status on Google Play.

HeroCraft's portfolio comprises over 100 games from an array of genres, from simple games for a casual gaming audience to complex sim, strategy and role-playing games. HeroCraft games are published both under original IP and with branded licenses.

  • Services: iOS, Android, PC and modern consoles games.
  • Company size: 100–250 employees;
  • Year founded: 2002;
  • E-mail:;
  • Website


Playkot company develops social games and mobile applications. Since January 2010 total audience of games is more than 10 million people on Russian social market. Every day about 900 thousand people play its games.

  • Services: Mobile, web, and desktop applications, game development.
  • Company size: 51–200 employees;
  • Year founded: 2009;
  • E-mail:
  • Website


Founded in 2010, ZeptoLab is a Russian video game developer best known for developing the Cut the Rope series, which has been downloaded more than 400 million times since its release and can be played on major platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, HTML5 Internet browsers, OS X, Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS.

The company has also announced licensing and merchandising partnerships for Cut the Rope and its popular character Om Nom. ZeptoLab has not received any external funding to produce their games. It also owns a game studio subsidiary in the UK and started a publishing division in 2017.

  • Services: Casual Games, Enterprise Software, Gaming.
  • Company size: 51–200 employees;
  • Year founded: 2010;
  • Headquarters: Carrer de la Marina 18, Barcelona, ES
  • E-mail:
  • Website

Ice-Pick Lodge

Ice-Pick Lodge is a Russian video game developer. Established in 2002, the studio has released five games: Pathologic, Tension and The Void, Cargo! The Quest for Gravity, and Knock-Knock.
Video games come in such a variety of forms that it is almost impossible to perceive them as a single phenomenon. The team is fascinated by games that not only entertain but also provide food for thought and encourage the player to change for the better.

  • Services: Mobile and custom software development.
  • Year founded: 2002
  • Headquarters: 115191, Russia, Moscow, 3-ya Roschinskaya street 5, «Ice-pick Lodge»
  • Contacts: +7 (495) 952–59–99
  • E-mail:
  • Website


Intellectsoft is a full-service custom software and mobile app development company that has an expensive set of competencies to meet the enterprise needs. The Intellectsoft team has proven experience in developing mobile gaming apps for iOS, Android, as well as console, or PC games.
Intellectsoft can plan, design, compile, test, market, and launch your idea. Or its team can help you bring existing product modules soaring to new heights of performance.

The company develops flawlessly-designed, future-ready games with real retention rates and allows you to gain the full benefits of the booming mobile gaming market.

  • Services: Mobile and custom software development, Blockchain.
  • Company size: 250–1000 employees;
  • Year founded: 2007;
  • Hourly rate: $50 - $99;
  • Min. project size: $25,000;
  • Headquarters: 721 Colorado Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94303, United States
  • Contacts: 650 300 4335, 47 21 08 18 50;
  • E-mail:;
  • Website


tinyBuild LLC is an American video game publisher and developer. Based in Bothell, Washington, with a development studio in Utrecht, Netherlands, the company was founded by Alex Nichiporchik, Luke Burtis, and Tom Brien. Having found success with digital games No Time to Explain and SpeedRunners, the latter of which was developed by DoubleDutch Games, the company has moved into video game publishing, and has helped third-party studios release titles across PC, mobile and consoles.

After tinyBuild made a name for itself with No Time to Explain, the company began working with DoubleDutch Games on SpeedRunners. This co-development experiment proved fruitful, and since March 2015, SpeedRunners has sold over 600,000 copies. As a result, tinyBuild made the decision to begin publishing titles from third-party developers, starting with Not the Robots in 2013. tinyBuild has continued to work with third-party studios and has published titles across Steam, iOS, Android and various video game consoles. tinyBuild has also worked with student teams to help bring their first games to market.

  • Services: games to PS4, Xbox One, 3Ds, and more platforms
  • Year founded: 2011
  • Contacts: / @aNichiporchik
  • Website

Stark Games

Stark Games was founded in 2005 as a game development studio. It delivers games for browser, social networks, and mobile platforms.

Stark Games is recognized for a portfolio of high-quality projects such as 'Magic Seasons', 'Edges of Reality', 'Brainstorm', and 'Wonderland'.

  • Services: Mobile and custom software development, Blockchain.
  • Year founded: 2005
  • Headquarters: 51A Klary Tsetkin str., Minsk, 220004, Belarus
  • Contacts: +375 44 5856550
  • E-mail:
  • Website


Vizor Interactive is the best international developer of multiplayer games for browser, social networks, and mobile platforms.

The main development center is the company's Minsk office. Here Vizor Interactive team support for all our projects, generate new ideas and carry them out.

At the moment, the company's main title, social farming adventure Zombie Farm (Zombie Island on Facebook), has 30+ mln players in 15 different social networks worldwide, with average DAU of one million.

  • Services: multiplayer games for browser, social networks, and mobile platforms
  • Year founded: 2016
  • Headquarters: 60 Cannon Street, London, EC4N 6NP/ 117a, Nezavisimosti ave., 220114, Minsk, Belarus
  • Contacts: +375 (17) 266–66–99
  • Website


Cubix began developing games and mobile apps in 2008 and have grown into a full-cycle software development company with highest team satisfaction in the industry, independent analyst recognition, and an ever-growing list of delighted clients. Cubix helped Estee Lauder & Clinique, Swatch Group, Politico, and dozens of startups develop their software.

  • Services: development, customization and integration of complex enterprise-level solutions, business intelligence analytics, advanced web and mobile solutions.
  • Company size: 50–249 employees;
  • Year founded: 2008;
  • Hourly rate: $25 - $49;
  • Min. project size: $25,000;
  • Headquarters: 4th Floor, Suite# 456, 1875 K St NW, Washington, DC 20006, United States
  • Contacts: 866.978.2220
  • E-mail:
  • Website


Melsoft was founded in 2008. Today the company comprises 90 employees. The company's main activity is a game development. Products of Melsoft were awarded by the professional jury of Game Developers Conference, Disney Media, iParenting Media.

Melsoft team believes that best games require continuing education and exploration, bold decisions, unprecedented actions, and, most importantly, care of our players.

  • Services: games developed for iOS, Android and other platforms
  • Headquarters: 105, Agion Omologiton Avenue, Nicosia 1080, Cyprus
  • Website


Zco is a leader among mobile game development companies in the USA, bringing expertise to both desktop and mobile projects. Zco engineers and artists use Unity, Maya, Corona, Cocos2D, and many other tools to create an authentic gaming experience.

Zco's game development services consider the entire game: the user interface, hardware capabilities, game mechanics, and visual appeal. Some clients come to Zco with every single detail of a game already mapped out and designed; developers then integrate all existing assets with the game code. Others have a more general idea what they want the game to do and need a mobile game development company to fill in the whole picture. Zco works with clients from start to finish, helping them see their vision through.

  • Services: Custom Mobile Application Development, Hybrid App Development, Enterprise Software Solutions, Enterprise Mobility, 3D Animation Services, Mobile Game Development, Augmented Reality, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad, and Windows Phone
  • Company Size: 201–500 employees
  • Founded: 1989
  • Headquarters: 58 Technology Way, Suite 2W10, Nashua, New Hampshire 03060, US
  • Contact: 603.881.9200
  • Website


Since 2010, Playtika has been a pioneer in the games industry. Playtika was the first to introduce free-to-play casino-style games to social networks. Slotomania, its flagship product, was ranked among top-10 games on Facebook in 2011. The company focuses on multi-platform social games development.

Now Playtika is ranked among the Top 10 grossing developer on iOS & Android with offices in Israel, US, Canada, Belarus, Argentina, Japan, Ukraine & Romania by Facebook.

  • Services: Social Games, User Acquisition & Monetization, Multi-Platform Integration, Mobile Games, Developers, Game Design, Big Data, Gaming, Online Games, and Analytics
  • Company Size: 1,001–5,000 employees
  • Founded: 2010
  • Headquarters: 8 Hachoshlim st., Herzliya, IL
  • Website


Tintash has developed games for some well-known game publishers and developers. Its clients include Digital Chocolate, PlayFirst, Sandlot Games, iWin, iPlay, HalfBrick Studios, and StickSports to name a few. Apart from games the company also develops apps and has worked with Storytree, Bitzer Mobile, OneSchool, DropLearn, Immersion and many others.

  • Services: Transformational games, Connected Toys, Educational online games, Location-based experiences, Mobile Games, Desktop Games, and Theme park attractions
  • Company Size: 51–200 employees
  • Founded: 2007
  • Headquarters: 725 Shadman Colony, Lahore, Punjab 54000, PK
  • Contact: +1 (650) 204–9718
  • E-mail:
  • Website

Schell Games

Schell Games is the largest full-service education and entertainment game development company in the United States. Since 2002, the company has worked to create interactive experiences on every platform to enrich the lives of players of all ages. Projects in its portfolio range from mobile, desktop, and virtual reality games to interactive installations and theme park attractions.

Schell Games brings the worlds of education and entertainment together to create engaging and enriching games.

  • Services: VR/AR game technology, Transformational games, Connected Toys, Educational online games, Location-based experiences, Mobile Games, Desktop Games, and Theme park attractions
  • Company Size: 51–200 employees
  • Founded: 2002
  • Headquarters: 220 West Station Square Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15219–1146, US
  • Contact: +1.412.390.0101, +1.412.927.0208
  • E-mail:
  • Website


SAG IPL is an Indian offshore IT company, developing gaming apps that can entertain your users with a perfect gaming experience. The company develops mobile games, graphic-rich games and cross-platform game applications for all major platforms.

  • Services: Game Development, iOS Development, Android Development.
  • Company Size: 51–200 employees
  • Founded: 2010
  • Headquarters: B-9, Third Floor, Mahalaxmi Nagar, Behind WTP South Block, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302017, IN
  • Contact: +91 7023472073
  • E-mail:
  • Website

Workinman Interactive LLC

Workinman Interactive LLC is one of the leading game developers and producers of connected-toy experiences.

As a full-service creative agency, the company manages every aspect of its client's needs, from conceptual design, through art and programming, all the way through final publishing and marketing designs. Its products range from fun family-oriented browser games to full cross-platform apps with 3D graphics and social media integration.

Workinman Interactive LLC supports a variety of platforms, adapting to fit your needs, and have highly-specialized teams for HTML5 and Unity development.

  • Services: Game Development, Content Creation, iOS Development, Android Development, HTML 5, Illustration, Animation, Game Concept Development, Spine Animation, Unity, VR, AR, Connected Toys, Smart Toys, and rapid prototyping.
  • Company Size: 11–50 employees
  • Founded: 2001
  • Headquarters: 277 Goodman N, Rochester, New York 14607, US
  • Contact: +1–585–662–5800
  • Website


OpenXcell is amongst the software development companies in India which believe in delivering perfection. The company's purpose is to help clients in achieving their goals.

OpenXcell skilled developers are the creators of the outstanding software application using core Php, Java, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Visual Basic.Net, C#, C++, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Services: mobile app design & development, custom software development, web application development, scalable eCommerce & retail, website/ branding /conversion optimization, enterprise content management system, cloud deployment & maintenance, QA & testing, staff augmentation/offshore dedicated team.
  • Company Size: 50–249 employees
  • Founded: 2001
  • Avg. hourly rate: < $25 / hr
  • Min. project size: $10,000+
  • Headquarters: 2nd Floor, Balleshwar Avenue, S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad.
  • Contact: +91–999–822–2929 ,+91–999–822–2928
  • E-mail:
  • Website


Softeq develops custom software and hardware solutions for startups, small businesses, medium enterprises, and large corporation irrespective of their industry. Its team in Houston, TX and European office are providing services for global clients. It specializes in full-stack development.

Company's software developers and hardware specialists can program components on the low level and drivers and firmware; design and build PCBs and embedded electronics; implement software applications for web, desktop, and mobile. These could be standalone apps and complex ecosystems for the Internet of Things.

  • Services: Enterprise Solutions, custom software development, Cross-platform development, Low-level programming, Mobile apps, Outsourcing, Reengineering & Support, Prototyping & PoC, Drivers & Middleware, Data & application integration, Wearable Tech, and Web: Java, .NET, MEAN, JS.
  • Company Size: 201–500 employees
  • Founded: 1997
  • Avg. hourly rate: $25–49 / hr
  • Min. project size: $50,000+
  • Headquarters: 1155 Dairy Ashford, Suite 125, Houston, TX 77079, US
  • Contact: +1 (888) 552–5001 (Toll Free), + 1 (281) 552–5000
  • E-mail:
  • Website

Daphnis Labs

Mobile app and game studio having more than 18 million cumulative downloads across all their apps and games. Also consulting more than a dozen startups in the US, Australia, UK, India, Germany, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands in their product development tasks. Having happy clients and customers who love its service and dedication to work.

  • Services: OS apps & games, Android Apps & games, mobile apps, Digital Distribution, Socially Connected Games, and Custom Hardware's
  • Company Size: 11–50 employees
  • Founded: 2013
  • Headquarters: 609, Pearls Best Heights - 2, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura, New Delhi, New Delhi 110034, IN
  • Contact: +91–9560870329, 1(917)636–4947
  • Website


TheAppGuruz services include 2D/ 3D game development for iOS, Android and Windows platforms, 2D/3D game assets creation, Android application development and iPhone application development. Apart from that, the company also develop its own products.

  • Services: 3D Game Development, iOS Game Development, Android Game Development, Windows Game Development, iOS App Development, Android App Development, and Windows App Development
  • Company Size: 51–200 employees
  • Founded: 2009
  • Headquarters: 3rd Floor, Shivalik 5, Gondal Road, Rajkot, Gujarat 360007, IN
  • Website

Serenity Forge

Serenity Forge produces its own video games like The King's Bird and Pixel Galaxy. It also acts as a video game publisher and provides video game and interactive software development services for businesses. Founder Zhenghua Yang is a TEDx speaker, the Colorado director of the International Game Developers Association and a leader in the local game dev community.

  • Services: Video Game Development, Game Asset Creation, Music Composition, Programming, Video Game Design, Video game consoles, 3D Art, 2D Art, Sound Design, Business Development, Video Game Publishing, and Porting
  • Company Size: 2–10 employees
  • Founded: 2012
  • Headquarters: 5589 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, Colorado US
  • E-mail:
  • Website

Backflip Studios

Backflip Studios is the creator of popular mobile games like DragonVale, Paper Toss, and NinJump. The company focuses on iOS and Android apps and has garnered hundreds of millions of downloads and tens of millions of daily users. In 2013, toy and game giant Hasbro bought a majority stake in the company, enabling the studio to adapt some of its classic games for mobile.

  • Services: mobile games, video games, iOS and Android games.
  • Company Size: 51–200 employees
  • Founded: 2009
  • Headquarters: 1690 38th Street, Boulder, Colorado 80301, US
  • E-mail:
  • Website

Dire Wolf Digital

Dire Wolf Digital creates some of the industry's biggest online strategy card games. Think Magic: The Gathering, but in an online format. Its projects include Pokemon Trading Card Game Online, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, and Eternal. Since its founding in 2010, the Denver-based studio has grown to a team of more than 100 designers, engineers, and artists.

  • Services: software development services, mobile game development, game dev.
  • Company Size: 51–200 employees
  • Founded: 2010
  • Headquarters: Downtown, Denver, CO 80202, US
  • E-mail:
  • Website

I hope this list of best video game developer companies will help you to find the right game developer to release a product that meets your expectations.

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