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Maybe no one wants to start Holy war ). Because this article exactly offering this).
Anyway… It's an interesting article… a lot of right and smart things and thought…
Just… it's imho… but I couldn't to stop to read between strings:
«Guys! Won't go to programmers because it's too many of you and you make my salary lower and you will work just for food»

I can repeat… it's my feeling from this article…

About other… Honestly for me some conclusions looks like… hypocrisy… he admit there are different kind of works with different demands… but some people he ready to count like programmers… other not… because they doesn't have formal education and level of demanding is lower…
I won't dig deep into his examples… but my opinion… in most of cases ( I repeat in most not in all cases) main meaning of education it's to have a diploma. At least in our country.

My opinion… education should change to be really useful.
I can describe my view of it… but it will be totally different from how it is now...).

ps… How I know in USSR time people starting after University their first time job… often heard:
Now you should forget everything you were taught and start to learn.
Guys! Won't go to programmers because it's too many of you and you make my salary lower

This works only at low level. There is no competition between high quality engineers, hovewer, there is much competition between low quality «engineers». Excellent education allows you to choose your level.
A quote from the article:
«Of course, this does not mean that excellent education or perfect knowledge of mathematics will turn you into a world-class programmer (it may be necessary but not sufficient). Everyone knows that many of university graduates are not working in their field. And I personally know a lot of mathematicians writing horrible programs. „

Author of the article know it, I know it, you know it and employer know it too… and… opposite… I knew some guys… who without any education wrote different programs and for example made by themselves drivers for equipment… drivers that worked better original drivers made by professional engineers…
When everyone will see programmer with diploma(or any other paper) and from this diploma will exactly know what quality of this programmer… it won't be a question… but now…
Now… alas… How I know… you go to university for diploma… knowledge in any case it's your problem… yes… they often can teach you mathematics… but programming… rarely university can… at least in Russia…
Thanks for such great article! True, word by word, especially this one: «good programming researchers and engineers».
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