Global Game Jam 2019 (announcement)

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In the end of January Global Game Jam 2019 will be hosted. 26 and 27 of January will be hottest days of the month! GGJ is annual event about creating games (for those who don't know what Game Jame is). This is onsite event lasting 48h.

The list of sites you can find here. All submissions will made with CC-NC-SA (Creative Common NonCommercial ShareAlike) license, should include executable, source code and assets, as well as all files to build the project. You can use game engines, prepared assets. There are also bonus points, if your game will include one of diversifiers. A long list with descriptions could be found here. Without descriptions:

  • Sponsored: Power of Community, Forgive and Fortify, Always Room for One More, Use the Source, Luke, Party Maker, Puzzle design challenge, Language-Independence
  • Accessibility: Let me show you how it's done!, Celestial, Keep it simple, It is dangerous to go alone, take this!
  • Art: Thomas Wasn't Alone, In Ink, Art of Sharing
  • Audio: Mind over matter, 4′33″, Scale With A Song
  • Code: Assetless, Mixed Media, Under the Hood
  • Design: Super Secret Stash, This is where we came in, right?, Bolter is jammed!, Sticky Finger, In a webpage, The Guide I was looking for, Ephemeral
  • Narrative: Meanwhile, Wanderlust, Russell’s Teapot, 20-XIX, The Ancient Folk
  • Meta: Public Domain, Recycle!, Happy Anniversary, ADL Identity Framework, Protect the Oceans

When a game submitted, it's allowed to mark as much as 4 diversifiers. Choose wisely!
Good luck fellow gamemakers!
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