21 December 2012

Jetbrains дает 75% скидки на все продукты. Еще 4 часа!

В связи с грядущим концом света Jetbrains устроили дискотеку и раздают свои продукты почти задарма.


Например, JetBrains PHPStorm можно купить за $25. (И апгрейд доступен — за $12)
Intellij Idea — $50.

По скидкам доступны только персональные лицензии, насколько я понял.


UPD: пост про эту же тему но в блоге JetBrains
Чтобы народ, не читающий их блог, не пропустил — этот пост оставлю повисеть немного.

UPD: все господа, халява кончилась!

We've got an enormously big amount of requests today due to which there might be some delay in our respond.
If you have placed an order and still haven't received your license details, please be patient and hold on for a while.
Because of the number of the incoming orders it takes some time for our system to process all of them.
In case you are not sure if your order was processed at all, don't worry, just in case it wasn't, we'll find a solution for you.
So, if your license doesn't reach you during the next few days please let us know and we'll help you out.

P.S. Now, we at JetBrains, are far less uncertain about end of the world is not coming. ;-)

JetBrains Customer Support Team
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