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Do you have any plans to add a burner program for Linux? Or to publish NFC programming specs?

Hi, no plans for Linux (yet), but we will think about that. We can share the NFC burner DLL with API/SDK, but this will most probably allow creating another Windows app, not Linux.

It would be great to get a full description of NFC burning protocol. Is it possible? What is you policy about the open source and an open documentation?

Anyway how can I get DLL with API/SDK? I have already ordered a couple of Molto-1 tokens. They look great. Hope the will perform well too :)

Thanks for your interest. We are supporting open source, but the situation is a bit different when it comes to hardware, our management may need to decide.

The DLLs will be provided upon signing the NDA, but they are currently under development, we will finalize it by the time you get your products delivered (in about a month).

Thanks! Yes, it looks interesting. Great programmable hardware token! It looks like just a simple nice red calculator) I «saved» it and will take a further look.
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