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12 August

Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Modernizing Web Applications and Data — вебинар

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Узнайте, как перенести все ресурсы на платформу Azure и подготовить бизнес к будущему. В результате вы получите масштабируемые, управляемые и модернизированные приложения.

25-26 августа, Регистрация

Под катом немного подробностей (на английском).

Learn how to migrate and modernise your organisation’s web apps and databases, and seamlessly transition to new ways of working. Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Modernising Web Applications and Data walks you carefully through the steps and decision-making process of a cloud migration from the perspective of the fictional Tailwind Traders cloud-migration team.

Join us to learn how to migrate everything to the Azure platform so your organisation can stay up and running now and in the future. End up with highly scalable, maintainable and modernised applications, and the knowledge you need to take on your own company’s next migration project.
During this training event, you will explore how to:

  • Modernise workloads and migrate live databases to the cloud with minimal interruption
  • Auto scale your applications
  • Use built-in database threat protection
  • Create pipelines that build and deploy solutions faster and more reliably

Here’s what you can expect:
Introduction Introduction
Migrating Web Applications to Azure Debugging and Interacting with Production Applications
Break: 10 minutes Break: 10 minutes
Moving Your Database to Azure Managing Delivery of Your App via DevOps
Break: 10 minutes Closing
Enhancing Web Applications with Cloud Intelligence
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