I bit of light trolling :). Roslyn Analyzers is great. But if a reader has a serious approach to increasing code quality and reliability, I suggest that you pay attention to PVS-Studio.

We haven't checked anything from Microsoft open source for a while. The other day we've decided to remedy this situation. Firstly, we've posted the article "WinForms: Errors, Holmes". Secondly, we'll soon post a fundamental article on the check of .NET Core (more than 50 pages in MS Word).

Both projects contain a large number of tremendous errors (especially in the article on .NET Core). So we have one of two reasons for it. Either Roslyn Analyzers aren't great at finding bugs or Microsoft developers don't use them themselves, which also indicates… :).

I invite all C# developers to visit our site and try PVS-Studio. There are free license options.
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