December 5, 2017

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What is Hygger?
Hygger is a #1 project management tool for product makers.

Why do users choose Hygger?
In addition to its primary functionality, Hygger stands out from the other PM systems by its own unique built-in Prioritization. It helps to prioritize features or tasks by their importance and choose the most profitable ones. That’s is a crucial moment when you build your own product, isn’t it?
Users can choose from Value/Effort, ICE/RICE, Eisenhower, Weighted Scoring and other prioritization matrices, or create their own matrix.

The next big advantage of Hygger — is that users can choose by themselves how to organize their tasks. They can choose from three types of boards: Kanban Board, simple Tasks Lists or Timeline.

Among the other user-loved features you can find:

  • Swimlanes to organize the tasks on the boards;
  • WIP Limits to limit the amount of work in progress;
  • Built-in TIme Tracking.

Hygger integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, Google and Apple Calendars, GitHub/Gitlab/Bitbucket, Intercom, and Jira.

About the Company
Hygger went live on December 2017. It was developed by a small team of IT geeks in Minsk, Belarus. And now Hygger additionally has a headquarters office in Sheridan, US.

The name Hygger comes from the Danish designation of quality, coziness and comfortable living. So the main idea of it is to bring more hygge into your teamwork.

Alexander Sergeev
CEO & Founder